Wideport.com Inc. is strategically positioned to capture part of the $40 Million Internet Local Search & Advertising Market

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Steve Curry, B.Sc., MBA
Chief Executive Officer


Wideport.com Inc.s brand 411.ca is the largest private online directory service with over 2 million people using our local search per month and over 1 million page views since our inception. The local search market is projected to grow over 50% in the next 5 years. This market opportunity will grow to a $304 million industry by 2010.


The local search and advertising markets are expanding and could reach 7 million in 2005. The online segment will grow over 50% per year over the next 5 years. Traditional use of printed yellow pages has dropped more than 17% over the past 3 years.


411 is one of the best and most intuitive names for directory services within North America. 411 means information, 411 means directory services. The site was launched with over 600,000 page views in its first month without any advertising. The number 1 private brand in CA.


Online directories are more cost effective than printed directories. No printing costs, no distribution costs. Keeps advertising costs more competitive than print advertising with cost savings of 50 to 60%.
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